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Would you like to be part of the 1-800-I Lawyer Affiliate Program in your city? Depending on availability you may be able to be the exclusive personal injury lawyer to participate in our advertising service (lawyer referral service in Florida) and have sole access and control of the phone number 1-800-I AM-HURT.

Some companies use a joint advertising model, which pools your advertising with other lawyers, but with 1-800-I AM-HURT, you get EXCLUSIVE rights to the number! You OWN it, and you can do with it what you please!

If you are an experienced personal injury lawyer whose legal practice’s main focus is on injury and accident law and you do not have any disciplinary actions against you, you may be able to qualify to join our service.

1-800-I AM-HURT is unquestionably the best and definitive toll-free number in your industry.
1-800-I will be one of the most trafficked websites in your industry.

With a number like 1-800-I AM-HURT, you only need 5-second to 15-second ads to get the message across. Everybody knows who you are and what you do. SHOULDN’T THEY ALSO KNOW YOUR PHONE NUMBER? Think of your biggest competitor. Do you even know their telephone number?

You can reach 100,000 people on network affiliate TV for as little as two to four hundred dollars. By having this number you save tens of thousands of dollars in advertising because branding is instantaneous and does not require long wasteful advertising spots. Viewers of this advertising do not even have to write down the telephone number. They can easily remember it! When they tell their friends, they don’t have to look up your telephone number in the yellow pages and see your competitors. They just pick up the phone and start dialing.

What do I get if I qualify to be an exclusive 1-800-I affiliate?
As the exclusive licensee, all prospective clients calling 1-800-I AM-HURT from your defined territory will automatically be routed to ring directly to your office. As the exclusive licensee, you will immediately receive all emails from clients in your defined territory requesting a consultation and appointment via the 1-800-I website.


State of the art phone system When a prospective client calls 1-800-I AM-HURT, our phone system instantly recognizes where the caller is calling from, processes the territory you have licensed and transfers the calls directly to you at a phone number you designate. Calls from your licensed territory will never come to us or to an answering service. To the caller, the entire process is quick and seamless. At no additional cost, we provide you with a very sophisticated proprietary software application that allows you in real time to see detail from every call including telephone numbers (even blocked ones), the minute the call came in, how long the call lasted and usually the city they are calling from. So, even if you miss a call (after hours), you can go to your call log, recover the number and call them back. Also, our phone system can be programmed to forward calls at a certain time of day to another telephone number, like an answering service for example. This sophisticated program and software does it all!

Residual Effect You will get additional clients each month because people remember the phone number. If they do not call immediately after seeing the advertisement, they are carrying around the number in their head. When they want to find a lawyer, they will not need to go into the Yellow Pages. They will simply call 1-800-I AM-HURT. Do you go into the Yellow Pages when you need flowers delivered? Why do you think 1-800-FLOWERS is so successful? The profit these residual clients bring you will likely cover your entire year’s fees for 1-800-I AM-HURT. The power of 1-800-I AM-HURT on a billboard, TV or radio commercial is undeniable.

Pass-On Effect If a person remembers your phone number and tells a relative or friend, “I heard an ad on TV about 1-800-I AM-HURT” this is called the Pass-On Effect. Licensees of our brands tell us this is a real effect as quite often, the client they are dealing with has never seen an advertisement. The client heard the telephone number from someone who saw the ad. This Pass-On Effect is one of the biggest bonuses you receive when dealing with Direct Response of America. Your advertising budget is greatly expanded because no longer does someone have to see your ad. They just have to come into contact with someone who has!

Spill-Over Effect You will likely receive multiple calls each month without doing any advertising. Believe it or not, people call 1-800-I AM-HURT because they assume there must be a toll-free number to call that defines the industry, (1-800-CONTACTS, 1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-PETMEDS). So they call 1-800-I AM-HURT. It is true that each day we receive calls to all of our telephone numbers from prospective clients in areas we have no licensees nor have we ever advertised there! How did that happen? The Spill-Over Effect. You should get multiple clients each month from the “Spill-Over Effect.”

Internet Effect People sometimes hear “1-800-I AM-HURT and go directly to the web. Bingo! We are there. You should get multiple clients off the web. All of our exclusive licensees will tell you they are getting clients regularly through the internet.

Advertising Savings With 1-800-I AM-HURT, the number is so good, you can save thousands of dollars by being able to book 15-second ads instead of 30-second or 60-second ads. You can even do 5-second ads. On TV, you should be able to reach 1,000 people who are thirty- five years and older for $2.00 to $4.00, depending on the show.

Profits Expand Dramatically. We free up your time to do what you do best: be a lawyer. You can be more efficient and productive by letting us do what we do best: making your phone ring with clients that want a personal injury attorney!

To join, call us at 312-252-2823.

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