Jury awards woman 1.3 million
in a medical malpractice suit

US postal service pays 61 million

  If you or a loved one has been hurt physically or emotionally due to a serious accident, defective product, or the intentional wrongdoing of another, 1-800-I AM-HURT understands how stressful, painful and difficult a time this must be. We will locate and connect you to a nearby, experienced personal injury lawyer, at no cost to you. You will not have to pay any fees to your attorney unless your case results in a successful outcome and there is a recovery. Nor do you have to pay any legal fees upfront, so you have no money out-of-pocket. These costs are advanced by the attorney. The law limits the time to have to file, so call now: 1-800-I AM-HURT (1-800-426-4878) or fill out the form to receive your FREE, NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION with a lawyer near you.
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I needed and the money I deserved."  
- Fran Lombardo, L.A.
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